Air Extraining Admixture / Water Reducer


CONFLOW AA is designed to produce air - enterainment in concrete mixes.
When ever as well compacted, durable concrete with resistance to frost action and effects of de-icing salt is required. CONFLOW AA improves workability and reduces tendency to bleeding. It also reduces density of lightweight blocks, without impairing strength.
CONFLOW AA gives increased durablity to dense concrete blocks and because of en-trained air, a reduction in material cost is achieved.
CONFLOW AA reacts physically to pro-duces stable minute air bubbles which are dis-tributed uniformly throughout the concrete. By incorporating CONFLOW AA the improvements in workability and cohesion are achieved. which enables reduction to be made both in the sand cement and in water cement ratio. unaffected setting time even when over-dosed. CONFLOW AA is brown liquid based on blend of ligno and surfactant.

APPLICABLE STANDARDS: complying to IS-9103, BS- 5075 Part -2

1. Controllable rate of addition.
2. Air entrainment without loss in strergth.
3. Improves cohesion and workability.
4. Enables water reduction.
5. Gives good freeze / thaw resistance.
6. Chloride - free.
7. Reduces permeability.
8. Reduces segregation and bleeding.

DOSAGE: 100-250 ml / 50 kg cement. Optimum dosage should be determined by site trials.
PACKING: 10,50,100,210 Liter drums or bulk delivery.

1. Mass concreting works of dams, marine enviornments and concrete in subjected to ground water salts.
2. CONFLOW AA is use to produce work-able and durable concrete for roads, runways, taxiways, power stations and under ground water tanks.

Technical Data

Form Liquid
Colour Brown
pH 7.5
Cl Content Nil

CONFLOW AA should be added Preferably through a calibrated dispending unit and added to the mix with the guaging water to ensure correct mixing. The dosage rate of 100-250 ml of CONFLOW AA / 50 kg cement will normaly produce an
air- entrainment of 4% - 5% .
The dosage rate of CONFLOW AA will vary depending upon the particular materials and mix design being used.

SHELF LIFE: CONFLOW AA has a shelf life of 12 months when stored in unopened containers in frost free conditions.

HANDLING PRECAUTIONS: CONFLOW AA is an industrial chemical and mildly alkaline prolonged contact with skin should be avoided.


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