Shot Crete and Gunting Plasticizer


CONFLOW GA/GAL is a ready to use accelerator based on modified silicates and water proofing agent in liquid form which is added to the mixing to the water prior to their addition to the cement concrete system CONFLOW GA/GAL reacts in the mix to greatly assist in hydration process which gives early high strength. CONFLOW GA is in powder form while CONFLOW GAL is in liquid form.
Ideally suited for gunniting and shotcreting, overhead spraying which reduces dust production, great reduction in rebound loss, also helps in better adhesion to wet and damp substrate.

1. Increased speed of operations.
2. Accelerates the rate of settings.
3. Reduces rebound loss considerably.
4. Improves adhesion and speeds overhead works.
5. Improves density and compressive strength.
6. Improved water - tightness.

PRODUCT: CONFLOW GA/GAL is a quick setting set accelerator used for sprayed concrete and mortar.
COMPOSITION: CONFLOW GA/GAL is based on inorganic sub-stances.
PURPOSE: To Accelerate the setting & hardening of concrete/ mortar for vertical & overhead applications.
DOSAGE: 2% to 4% by weight of cement. Optimum dosage should be determined by site trials.
PACKING: 5,10,50,100,210 Liter drums or bulk delivery.

1. Tunnels, Underground Chambers
2. Swimming pools, Concrete repair
3. Excavation, shoring operations
4. Embankments.
5. Basement walls, floors, tanks.

Technical Data

Form Powder (GA), Liquid (GAL)
Colour White (GA), Colourless (GAL)
Type Inorganic
Cl Content Nil
Sp Gravity 1.3-1.4 kg/ltr.

CONFLOW GA/GAL is added to the mixing water prior to their addition to the dry cement ag-gregate system.
Rates of set for gunite mixes are slowed down when sprayed onto acid substrates. The type and age of cement could also be an influencing factor.
There fore it is advisable to carry out trial mixes by Gillmore Needle to determine the correct dosage rate.

OVERDOSING: Dosing up to 10% is having no detrimental effect. It may cause 'Flash Set'.

STORAGE LIFE: CONFLOW GA/GALhas a shelf-life of one year in manufacturer unopened drums. Store under shed, protect from frost & direct sunlight.

HEALTH & SAFETY: CONFLOW GA/GAL is an industrial chemical and ingestion should be avoided. Any splashes to the eyes washed off with clean water and medical advice sought.


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