Integral Waterproofing Compound for Concrete & Plasters


CONFLOW IWC is a balanced aqueous mixture of highly purified lignosulfonates, dispersants and catalysts formulated for use in waterproofing all portland cement concrete, cement mortar and cement plaster mixes. Ingredients are factory premixed in exact proportions to minimise handling and to eliminate mistakes and guesswork. CONFLOW IWC contains no added chloride. CONFLOW IWC is a unique integral waterproofing admixture for concrete and mortar which provides controlled air entrainment. CONFLOW IWC is a brown liquid based on modified lignosulfonates and air enteraining additives and specialised active ingredients

1. Improved water tightness
2. Highly durable and weather Resistance
3. Improved plasticity and cohesion
4. Reduced Permeability of concrete matrix
5. Improved workability and placing characteristics.
6. Reduced bleeding, improved surface finish.
7. Maintains Strength, extended durability.
8. Chloride Free
9. Resistance to shrinkage, cracking and crazing
10. Cost-effective.

APPLICABLE STANDARDS: IS 2645 - 1984, BS 5075 Part-I

BENEFITS: The addition of CONFLOW IWC provides two main benefits in the objective of achieving near zero permeability, high quality concrete.

1. Its powerful water reducing capability permits a significant reduction in water-cement ratio without loss in consistancy of
the concrete and by altering the morphology of the hydration process of the cement.
CONFLOW IWC creates reduced pore diameter after curing.
2. The carefully selected ingredients of CONFLOW IWC will also isolate these pores and thus provide significantly reduced
permeability via capillary channels. Furthermore, the inclusion of CONFLOW IWC will permits approx 15% water reduction
and give greater plastisity and workability to the fresh concrete.

DOSAGE: 150 ml -250 ml / 50 Kg. Cement.
PACKING: 5, 10, 50, 100, 210 Liter drums or bulk delivery.
1. Water tanks, Reservoirs, Basements, Sewage treatment plants, Swimming pools, other water retaining concrete structure.
2. Ready mixed concrete production.
3. Pumped concrete

Technical Data

Form Liquid
Colour Brown
pH 7.0
Cl Content Nil
Air Entrainment Max 2%
Sp. Gravity 1.2

CONFLOW IWC is supplied ready for use. It should be added to the mix at the same point as the mix water. 15 to 20 seconds delay will produced additional beneficial improvement in ad-mixture properties.
Normal dosage of CONFLOW IWC is 150ml. -250 m.l. / 50kg. cement bag.

STORAGE: Shelf-life is minimum 12 months in manufacturers containers. Protect from freezing and direct sunlight.

HANDLING PRECAUTIONS : CONFLOW IWC contains no flammable in-gredient. Prolonged contact with skin should be
avoided any splashes on eye should be washed with water and medical advice sought.


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