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PFA, Pyramid Fly Ash, is collected from rich coal burnouts after electrostatic precipitation process. It is commonly known as Fly Ash.

Civil engineers have known the use of Fly Ash since centuries. The great durability of the Egyptian Pyramids and ancient Roman structures is the result of use of pozzolanic material with lime mortar.

PFA is a pozzolana having high pozzolanacity. It is a finely divided material that reacts with Calcium Hydroxide and Alkalis to form compounds possessing cementitious properties. PFA is selectively collected dry Fly Ash to obtain highest pozzolanic property with reactive Alumino Silicate Glass, fine enough to provide high reactive surface area for the solid state chemical reactions.

The use of Fly Ash in concrete for structural fills is governed by IS 3812 Part II of IS 456.

In climactic conditions where temperatures exceed 35°C, experts recommend the use of Fly Ash. Research carried out over the last 15 years by leading institutes such as Canadian Center for Mineral and Energy Technology (CANMET), The Kolkata University, Ash Utilization Symphonic, USA, have revealed that fine Fly Ash, when used in concrete in synergy with O.P.C., gives reduced permeability and very durable concrete.
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