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  Concrete & Mortar Admixtures
CONFLOW IWC: Integral water proofing compound for concrete & mortar. A chloride free liquid ensures cohesive & durable concrete, with good plasticity & improved finish. Pore filing agents ensure water proofing throughout the depth of the concrete.
CONFLOW NP: It is a normal placticizer cum water reducer confirming to IS 9103,1999 & ATM C 494 Type A. Increases the workability of the concrete with a reduction of 8 to 12% of water. It also ensures higher cohesion, reduced segregation bleeding of cement slurry with good finish & texture.
CONFLOW SP 1: High range water reducer & plasticiser.Ideally suited for high early & ultimate strength with a water reduction capacity up to 30%. Ideally suited for priestesses, precast & pumpable concrete. Confirms to IS 9103 & ASTM C 494 type 'F'.
CONFLOW SP 2: high range water reducer cum slum retainer. Water reduction up to 30% is achieved with desired slump rention. Imparts extreme fluidity to the concrete with good flowablity along with cohesion. Produces very dense & durable concrete. confirms to IS 9103, BS 5075 Part 3 & ASTM C 494 type G.
CONFLOW SPWR: High Range Water Reducer cum Slump Retainer: CONFLOW SPWR is a High Range Water Reducer cum Slump Retainer capable of high workability retention with set retarding effect complying with ASTM-C494 type F,G and BS 5075 part 3. CONFLOW SPWR is brown liquid based on modified sulphonated napthalene and specially selected organic polymers. To impart very high workability to cement/agrregate mix without the addition of extra water to improve retention of high workability with time without excessive retardation of set. Advantageous in high tempreture applications. It is capable of reducing 30% of water without impairing the workability and plasticity.
CONFLOW SPR: Super plasticizer cum retarder cum slump retainer. A high-grade plastizer confirming to ASTM C 494 Type 'G' & IS 9103. Gives the tri effect of water reduction, retardation up to 4 hours & excellent slump retention.
CONFLOW CFA: Chloride free accelerating admixture. Chloride free accelerating admixture suitable for easily strength in cold weather concreting. Confirms to IS 9103,BS 5075 part 1 & ASTM C 494 Type 'C'.
CONFLOW CBA: Accelerator (Chloride Based): CONFLOW CBA is dark-brown coloured solution which main active ingredient is calcium chloride. CONFLOW CBA offsets the effects of low temprature by accelerating rate of setting strength gain and heat evolution therely allowing work to be continued under adverse weather conditions without affecting the quality of con-crete. CONFLOW CBA under normal concreting conditions gives high early strength which is of peramount importance. The action of CONFLOW CBA on a concerete mix accelerating the hydration of cement particles thereby accelerating the setting and hardrening of the cement particles.
SUPER FIBRE: Rich & good depressive polypropylene fibre for concrete & mortar. Gives dense mortar & concrete resulting in to reduced permeability & plastic & drying shrinkage cracks. Increase tensile & compressive strength. Chemically inert & compatible with all types of cement. Confirms to ASTM 1116.
PLASTOMATE 'SP': Twin benefits of mortar plactizer & powdered waterproof additive for plasters & mortars. Gives high workable mortar with prolonged workability. Ensures smooth plaster finish with reduce drying shrinkage cracks. Also becomes cost effective due to reduced mortar dropping & better yeild. Packing 200 gm,1 kg & 5 kg. Standard. IS 2645 & BS 4887.
PLASTOMATE: Powder Water Proofer: PLASTOMATE powder is available in suitable packing for ready use on site. PLASTOMATE is ready to use integral powder water proofing admixture . PLASTOMATE contains water prooting agents in powder form.
CONFLOW GA/GAL: Shot Crete and Gunting Plasticizer: CONFLOW GA/GAL is a ready to use accelerator based on modified silicates and water proofing agent in liquid form which is added to the mixing to the water prior to their addition to the cement concrete system CONFLOW GA/GAL reacts in the mix to greatly assist in hydration process which gives early high strength. CONFLOW GA is in powder form while CONFLOW GAL is in liquid form. Ideally suited for gunniting and shotcreting, overhead spraying which reduces dust production, great reduction in rebound loss, also helps in better adhesion to wet and damp substrate.
CONFLOW AA: Air Extraining Admixture / Water Reducer: CONFLOW AA is designed to produce air - enterainment in concrete mixes.

When ever as well compacted, durable concrete with resistance to frost action and effects of de-icing salt is required. CONFLOW AA improves workability and reduces tendency to bleeding. It also reduces density of lightweight blocks, without impairing strength. CONFLOW AA gives increased durablity to dense concrete blocks and because of en-trained air, a reduction in material cost is achieved. CONFLOW AA reacts physically to pro-duces stable minute air bubbles which are dis-tributed uniformly throughout the concrete. By incorporating CONFLOW AA the improvements in workability and cohesion are achieved. which enables reduction to be made both in the sand cement and in water cement ratio. unaffected setting time even when over-dosed. CONFLOW AA is brown liquid based on blend of ligno and surfactant.
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