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  Engineering Grouts & Flooring System
GROUT 45: Ready to use, non-shrink, and free flow high strength, non-metallic cementations grout. Very useful in machine based plates, bridge bearing pods, boiler foundation. Free expansion 2 to 4%. Density 2170 kgcm2. 28 days strength 500 kgcm2.
GROUT 60: Ready to use non-shrink free flow high strength. Non-metallic cementations grout. Attain about 700 kgcm2 at 28 days yeild about 13.5 ltr.
ROCKGROUT : Thixotropic High Strength Polyester Grout: The product is specially designed for steel bass & where pull out strength & high early strength is of prime importance. It can be also used for grouting & anchoring of bolts in to concrete, stone, machinery & brickwork. Rock grout cures very rapidly at low ambient temperatures.
GROUT- P: Non-Shrink, High Strength Polymer Grouts: The product is specially designed to get twin advantages of polymer liquid with low viscosity & traditional free flow high strength cementious grout. The product has excellent flow properly with non-shrink property after placing.
GROUT EP: it is a three component, highly flowable; 100% epoxy based grout that produces high performance strength plus chemical inertness & excellent bonding properties. Attain strength up to 950kgcm2 in 7 days.
GROUT LV: Two pack high strength low viscosity grout specially designed for injection grouting. Attains very high strength at early age.
SUPER TOP: It is a non-metallic; hard wearing, antiskid, highly abrasion resistive floor hardener based on grey cement with graded compounds. Normally 5kg\m2 is to be used. Available in 25 kg bag. Ready to use.
TOP SCREED: It is a ready to use floor screed, which can be laid on green concrete or old surface. To applied at a thickness of 10 to 12 mm; gives excellent impact load resistance & abrasion resistance .A 25 kg bag cover about 1.1 to 1.3 m2 at 10 to 12 mm thickness.
TOP SCREED ULTRA: Epoxy based three pack heavy duty & highly chemicals resistive floor screed system. Ideally suited for chemical engineering industry. A pack of 25 kg covers approx 35 to 40 sq ft at 3 mm thickness.
TOP SCREED 'SL': Epoxy based three part self leveling screed system. Gives asthetic & decorative look along with abrasion resistance, hard wearing properly & hygienic floor. Available in 14 kg prepacked system. Covers approx 36 to 40 sq.ft at 2 mm thickness.
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