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  Repair Aid Products
CRACKPACK (GREY & WHITE): It is polymer modified non-shrink crack filler available in grey & white colours. Ensures waterproofing of the repaired cracks & perfect bonding on both the sides of cracks. Available in 1kg & 5 kg pack.
CONPATCH HPM: ready to use high performance repair micro concrete. Attains high & early strength with expansion property. Ideal for repair of R.C.C road patch, industrial floors & all R.C.C elements. Available only in 25 kg pack.
CONPATCH 'C': A fast setting patching compound based on graded fillers & accelerator blends. Ideally suited for industrial floors runways high traffic area. Available in 5 kg & 25 kg pack. Standard guidelines ACI 304,305 & 306.
CONPATCH- AP: Polymer Reinforced Repair Mortar: CONPATCH AP is two component premeasured cementitious consisting of blend of graded aggregates, selected cementitious material & admixture that prevents damage from mechanical impact & abrasion, environmental deterioration from sulphates & chloride & chemicals destruction from mild acids, caustic soda & other atmospheric chemicals contaminants.
CONBOND EP: Two pack high-grade epoxy bonding agent for concrete. Gives excellent adhesion to the surface can even be applied on damp surface. Good chemicals resistance. 1 kg approx cover 30 to 35 sq.ft, depending upon surface & texture.
CONPATCH EM: It is three-component general-purpose epoxy mortar. Attains high early strength up to 800 mm2 at 7 days. Highly impact & abrasion resistant.
CONBOND EP PASTE: General Purpose Epoxy Putty/Paste: CONBOND EP Paste is a general-purpose thixotropic solvent free, low odour epoxy putty/ paste. The product can be used for multi purpose use with bonding to almost all-common building material. The product has a high level of mechanical interigritily & shows good bonding capacity even in damp condition.
CONBOND SBR: CONBOND SBR is a modified polymer emulsion specially designed for use as a bonding agent to modify cement mortar/concrete.

It is useful for repairing distressed R. C. members and to modify mortars as waterproofing and flooring render. CONBOND SBR is the recommended primer for the cementiitious repair system. CONBOND SBR provides excellent bond to concrete plaster and masonry. It is compatible with all types of hydraulic cements.
CONBOND SBN: Single pack is a perfect blend of styrene emulsion with blend of Acrylic polymer. A white liquid with multi purpose usage as a bonding agent, mortar modifier & water proof screed. Gives improvement in tensile as well as compressive strength.
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