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  Surface Treatments & Curing Aids
FLOOR FIX DAIMOND / GOLD / WHITE: A series of grey & white tile adhesives, based polymer additives. Gives good water proofing characteristic along with excellent adhesion to the surface. Can be used for tile over tile. 25 kg bag covers approx 70 to 80 sq.ft at 3 mm thickness depending on level of the surface & texture.
FLOOR FIX JF / JF SP: Ready to use hardwearing tile joint filler, which is available in different colures. Bonds the tile joints strongly. Covers approx 3 RMT at 2 mm joint width per 1 kg.
CURING AID WB/WBP: CURING AID WB/WBP is water borne liquid curing compound to prevent premature water less from concrete. The product is a aqueous solution based on metallic silicates. The product reacts with free lime in the cement, which seals the pores there by reducing the evaporation rate from the mix & aids the curing process.
CURING AID WXP: Wax Emulsion Based Curing Compounds: CURING Aid WX/WXP is a wax based curing compound formulated from low viscosity synthetic wax emulsion. The product can be used virtually at all concrete & plastered surfaces. The product replaces the older method of curing & results in saving in labour cost.
CURING AID WX: Ready to use wax based curing compound based on low viscosity synthetic wax emulsion & white pigments. Good Curing efficiency. Covers approx 45 to 55 sq ft depending on surface & texture.
CURING AID WP: Ready to use aqueous solution based on metallic silicates. Easy application by spray or brush. Cover approximatley 50 to 60 sq.ft depending on surface & texture. Also available in white colour. Results show good curing efficiency.
CURING AID RA: Resin Alumina Based Curing Compound: CURING Aid RA is highly effective curing compound based on aluminized coloured solution of selected resins. The product is designed to protect the concrete against excessive drying to achieve optimum strength & durability. The product can use for all concrete structures, including precast & pre stressed beams & piers.
MOULD RELESE (E): Emulsified mould release agent. Gives fair faced concrete with increased mould life. Easy to carry mix 1 ltr Mould Release (E) with 15 ltr of water & apply by sponge or cloth. Mix of 16 ltr will cover approx 4000 to 4500 sq ft on steel surface.
MOULDRELEASE - (O): READY TO USE CHEMICAL SHUTTER RELEASE AGENT: Mould Release (O) is a mixing of mineral oil & special chemicals with good shutter release property without staining on concrete. Mould release (O) suitable for use with steam cured concrete. It is effective on both wood & metal shutter & mould.
MOULDRELEASE - SR: MOULDRELEASE AGENT CUM SURFACE RETARDER: Mould Release SR is latest blend of mould release agent with latest compliance of V.O.C issued by American Standard for testing material. It is a special formulated blend of mineral oils & chemicals, which gives easy mould release, & retardation of the top 5 mm concrete on the steel plates. This unique properly of the product has its importance for plasters without harming the concrete layer.
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